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In March 2012 this local favorite closed down and decided the big city food truck model was perfect for Tri-Cities. There is a lot of ground to cover and the population tops 250,000 people including the outer metro areas. So “El Fat” gets to all the events, keeps a running dialogue with their customers on Facebook and the results are speaking volumes. They recently showed some marketing savvy and gave away free meals in a smartphone photo contest. When you tagged them in a picture you uploaded of your food you were entered for a chance to win.

The food has always been good, the Paella is not some Tex-Mex knock-off and people rave about the burritos. Eastern Washington just has more stripes in the Mexican food department. Hands down. Felix Sanchez is the personable chef who created the menu, and he is always remixing the fan favorites so it’s never exactly the same. Everything is better with the walnut hot sauce they make in house, and during a trip last month we got lucky and showed up on “Mole” week.

A marinated chicken breast with a cloudy mole sauce over fettuccine noodles with cotija and pico de gallo was the main event, and the “Ranchero Salad” was the opening act. We are naturally skeptical of food truck salads, but the thing about Tri-Cities is almost everyone has access to fresh produce for cheap. The ingredients in everything that comes out of “El Fat” comes from a short drive away. Always remember they are closed on weekends and only accept cash.

539 N Edison St
Kennewick, WA 99336

(509) 546-1413

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