Currently Reading: Eastside Big Tom

This classic drive-thru never uses freezers either. Like the more blogged about counterpart in California (In-n-Out) all the ingredients are delivered daily from local sources close by. They are eco-conscious using solar panels to heat their water. Known for it’s burger “Goop,” a sauce that is trademarked in WA State, legend has it that the recipe was bequeathed to Big Tom himself by members of the Haida tribe. The young employee working the counter would neither confirm or deny the validity of this folklore.

The chili burger is a winner, and the “dirty bird” chicken sandwich with chipotle mayo and jalapĂ©nos is a close second. The Dr. Pepper flavored shake was an unexpected delight, that seemed too odd to pass up. You can combine any shake flavors so we also tried mixing the marshmallow and maple shakes for a combination that bombarded the sweet tooth. There is free wi-fi and cool merchandise, so next time you see a 4E friend with a t-shirt touting this Olympia fan favorite you’ll know how you can bite that style.

Eastside Big Tom
2023 4th Ave E

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