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DJ, Bboy, Graphic Designer, Producer & Vocalist for Don’t Talk To The Cops! & Mash Hall

“I believe it has a lot of medical uses. It’s especially best for calming people down from being assholes, myself included. Good or bad, everyone has an agenda. I’m only interested in the truth, I do my own research. Ultimately people will chose what they are willing to put in their body no matter what anyone says. Education is key with anything you consume. If I see it becoming a real problem for someone close to me I will check them though. You can believe that!”

Is there a role cannabis plays in the creative and entertainment scenes of the Puget Sound area?

“Weed can easily create a bonding experience between strangers. That might be Washington’s secret to why so many different musicians from so many different genres can all kick it and enjoy each others music.”

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