Currently Reading: DIY Bong

A friend of 4E shows us how to make our own bong that looks like a modern design object from CB2

You start with a Bomex side-arm Erlenmeyer flask, a 250ml is pictured here. Potentially you could go bigger with 1000ml or extra tiny with a 10ml Bomex. The other important consideration is scientific-grade glass like boro-silicone to fight the heat. It’s the same glass as laboratory test tubes.

Use medical tubing for the mouthpiece, it’s easy to fit in the side-arm and get a good seal. A stem with a stopper can be found, or simply made, with a little help from a friendly neighborhood headshop. Make sure to measure the circumference of the flask opening to ensure the stopper fits.

The all you need is a bowl to fit the stem.

4E feels this is a work of art. It showcases the creative solutions cannabis users generate for everyday problems, which makes life a little better.



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