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Everyone likes a good quote. Hand-written quips on chalkboard paint surround the upper level mezzanine of Delicatus where eaters can park it without table service during the busier times. The interior design is impeccable. Floor-to-ceiling windows at the front, cast-iron fixtures and dark wood in all directions. Owners Derek Shankland and Mike Klotz come from a high-end restaurant background but opted for a fusion of European Delicatessen and Northwest natural beauty. Every ingredient is from local farmers or artisan producers. Their sandwiches have catchy names with local references, and they cook in an open kitchen behind a meat display case.

The menu is divided into the “Traditionalists” and the “Progressives.” You might literally end up with a crick in your neck from starring at the 20-foot chalkboard display by the door. 4E favorites include the Mudd Honey, Fire of 1889, Gypsy Rose Lee and the Dumwamish. All of which are on the progressive side of the menu. Figures.

It’s a great place for the neighborhood, games are on the tele and a modest full bar is tucked away in the back. The sandwiches are a mouthful so when we stop by in the evenings options like the oyster chowder and warm chicken salad with pesto vinaigrette hit the spot. So whether you consider yourself traditional or progressive, Delicatus is a place you can break bread and find common ground.

103 1st Ave S
(between Yesler Way & Washington St)
Seattle, WA 98104

(206) 623-3780

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