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If you haven’t spent a night in open-air sleeping quarters on a tropical beach camp you haven’t lived. Dahab’s two-miles of sand on the Sinai peninsula makes up a seaside village that is a rare bastion of marijuana friendliness in a part of the world where a joint can still land you in jail. PDA staff took a trip out there to dive in the “Blue Hole” a true test of mental fortitude unlike the snorkeling sandbars that novices enjoy.

A sign at the launch point reads: “Blue Hole: Easy Entry.” The cheeky sentiment underlies the danger in a place that locals call “Diver’s Cemetery.” Roughly ten people die a year an instructor explains, mostly when people are out of their depth trying to access the tunnel from open water. We all made it back to the top in one piece and spent the next few days red-eyed in cannabinoid comfort. Dahab makes acquiring cannabis as simple as slipping a $20 to serious men loitering by lamp posts — who provide in exchange — a newspaper roll of “Bedouin Buds.”

The name is satirical as the weed is from an arid climate and is primarily shake. The CPC capsules packed in our carry-ons with our vitamin regiments made the local weed a medicated after-thought.

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