Currently Reading: Cougar Country Drive-In

We have never heard such a ruckus for fry sauce. A friend recommended Cougar Country based on this condiment alone, drawing a comparison to Artic Circle Burgers which are all over the West but only have one Washington location, in Yakima on Nob Hill Road. Cougar Country is family owned since 1973.

You can get a bunch of $1.19 cub burgers on Munchkin Mondays, and we happen to breeze through on a Monday. Kids Meal have relaxed definition of what a kid is, the college students are ordering them left and right. From 5-9 pm they discount these delightful bundles which include a burger, the famous crinkle-cut fries, drink, toy, ice cream treat, balloon, coloring sheet and crayons. Some of the sketches were not PG-13 rated. They make the ice cream treats in house and we lost it for the Jim Dandy Bars. Their cyclone sundaes make Dairy Queen blizzards a joke by comparison. We were told the milkshakes are second only to the fry sauce so we sampled a few and were really impressed with the Irish Cream shake. They stay open until 10:30 pm every night.

Cougar Country Drive-In
760 N. Grand Ave

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