Currently Reading: Corina Bakery

Located inside the Merlino Arts Building, a landmark of Tacoma culture, Corina has expanded it’s operation from the shoebox-sized coffeehouse it used to occupy around the corner. They make their wedding cakes on-site now, and the modern design has hipsters hovering for hours. 4E has an unhealthy obsession with Corina’s “fair scones” and the Valhalla Coffee with expert cupping rivals any Seattle java joint.

But you come for the cake. During a recent pop-in a nice teenage fella named Joey explained he took two trains and a bus to get here to buy his girlfriend a red velvet cupcake for her birthday. Props to Joey, but if you tried the Pink Champagne cake or the Aztec with cayenne, ginger and chili peppers added to a chocolate base, you might travel that far just to satisfy a craving. We recommend doing a cake tasting for $10, you can pick three flavors and the gluten-free options are surprisingly rich. What is often an after thought for a neighborhood bakery is a center piece at Corina.

602 S Fawcett Ave
Tacoma, WA 98402
(253) 627-5070

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