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4E gets blindfolded, and secretly guided through the cannabis extract underworld. With the threat of federal prison for producing even a small amount of concentrated cannabis oil hanging over local chemist’s heads, it’s hard to get straight talk on the subject. But the risks are as high as the rewards, and 4E is here to help patients protect themselves.

“I’ve got to concentrate, concentrate, concentrate. I’ve got to concentrate, concentrate, concentrate.”

This oft-quoted line from “Airplane” the movie actually reflects the thoughts of a growing cannabis demographic. Call it what you will… Rick Simpson Oil, Honey Oil, Hash Oil, Peanut Butter, Wax, Earwax, Shatter – it all means the same thing (kinda). Through combined processes usually with the addition of a variety of solvents, modern day alchemists are turning green into gold. And patients are getting higher dosages in a smaller package.

This homemade cannabis concentrate is damn near worth its weight in gold, literally. What? Sounds ludicrous, right?

Well, when you think of the average market value of an ounce of dried flowers and how many ounces of the sacred herb have been compacted, extracted, condensed, and cleaned to get you that wee pot o’ gold, the numbers make sense for a wide-range of patients.

So why pay the higher price tag?

“There is nothing else that provides instant relief,” says “Mr. R,” one of our guides in our concentrate conquest that will be referred to using a nickname to protect his freedom.

When a loved one of ours was complaining about kidney pains, one dab of oil literally brought him back to frolicking full function. This is a testament to the power of the oil, consider those with daily regiments of combusting cannabis and how this option can be the fast-acting boost that can chase away even some of the most debilitating symptoms.

“Mr. R” told us that his insomnia used to be so bad, he would be up for days not sleeping. Now, just a few oil dabs right before his desired bed time leaves our extraction savant in a deep, undisturbed sleep. Mornings arrive and he awakes refreshed rather than in a groggy haze that can often accompany using medicated edibles to treat sleeping disorders.

Why is ingesting concentrated cannabis so effective? Just consider the multiplicity factor of all the healing benefits of the plant delivered 16-times as densely concentrated (16x), landing softly in your blood stream. Levels of anti-proliferative, anti-spasmodic, ant-psychotic, anti-diabetic, analgesic THC, CBD, CBCs, CBN, CBG molecules previously unattainable because “you just can’t smoke 16 joints in one minute,” as another local extractor pointed out.

But before we go any further, we have to warn the 4E patient network that when you are concentrating and compounding the good elements you are also doing the same for any pesticides, improperly flushed nutrients, or residual solvents. The popularity of BHO has skyrocketed, and for many, we are the human trials.



In our learning process we have found out that what many have been conditioned to believe is some “super dank” wax or peanut butter, is actually improperly purged BHO laden with extremely dangerous residual fatty lipids (a byproduct of butane extraction).

This pliability is to be avoided at all costs and patients should look for a BHO in “shatter” form or a dry, granulated form that literally needs to be scooped and dropped onto the metal applicator. Smoking fat deposits that won’t dissipate upon contact, means it is vaporized and inhaled into your lungs. Yummy. Unlike the active compounds, your body literally does NOTHING with these fats, so in turn, they start to cake up in your lungs much like another crusty devil caking our arteries when we eat – cholesterol.

But you can’t start taking Lipozene to lower these levels. Once inhaled, these harmful agents stay inside your lungs indefinitely. The result can be irreversible lung damage, specifically lung necrosis, a condition where fluid gets trapped in your lungs and can’t get out. It’s like having mild pneumonia. Forever. Serious stuff, not to be taken lightly.

So why would we encourage anyone to risk their future for rapid relief? Well, because when it is properly extracted concentrates provide healing unmatched by any other vehicle for cannabis consumption. And it’s not too difficult to make it correctly, you just have to be committed to taking the longer, more expensive road during production.

So what we are focused on for this issue of PDA are safe extracts. How to find them, what to look for, and why protecting yourself is extremely important.

The “Safe Extract Alliance” (S.E.A) is a collective group of extractors, protecting each other, sharing advice and helping one another improve their products. SEA also acts as a central intelligence for the network of extractors, which we found to be vital. The smoking gun on this topic is concentrating and extracting cannabis is an automatic 20 years in Federal Prison, no different than those cooking Meth.



So extractor safety and anonymity are paramount. We have made sure to respect that code here, and are disgusted at this legal tidbit from the Drug War which again treats cannabis the same as synthetic street drugs made in bathtubs. Alliance members take no risks – when visiting the lab, we had to leave our car downtown and turn off our phones. We were driven to a very confusing location that we couldn’t relocate if we tried.

Inside a normal-looking garage was a very clean lab without many frills. No giant vats or massive machines – just two vacuuming purgers double boiling a small silicone cup of dark goop, attached to a Platinum 3 stage pump. This pump is designed specifically for ongoing, uninterrupted use. You may recognize these mechanisms from a hospital bedside keeping a premature infant alive in an incubator. The utilitarian approach of these extractors shows a real sense of creativity when building these make-shift production facilities.

Most importantly, this pump allows them to birth “Pharmaceutical Grade Hash Oil” (PGHO). Not to be confused with Honey Oil or BHO, this process uses extreme pressures to liquify the sweet leaf that has been ground up fine and treated with a secret solvent to emulsify the herb. Then it is vacuum purged at pressures of -30 Bar.

“Sky PGHO” has become popular with cancer patients, many administering it orally or directly to the tumor sight, so infusions are welcomed to make the medication more easily deliverable. Members of the Safe Access Alliance have teamed up to bring “Sky PGHO” and “Fire Absolute BHO.” Sky is an extremely therapeutic Hash Oil perfect for your hash oil vape pen, or sealing a joint for an added medicated punch. In many cases applying directly to the source of the problem is the preferred method of application.

“Fire Absolute BHO” is more reminiscent of what we have come to call “Hash Oil” or “Honey Oil.” This BHO, or Absolute BHO is made only from the “C” buds supplied by a very select number of collective gardens in the state. It comes out either borderline power fine or in shatter form, which is the only way you should have your BHO. The solvents used to wash and extract the residual butane from the hash are imperative as well. We recommend that you never get Hexane or Isopropyl Alcohol washed BHO, and be extremely leery of anything labeled CO2 oil.

“It’s easy to mix good BHO with Propylene Glycol (a fatty acid) and call it CO2 oil.” Mr. R, explains.



Many supposed CO2 oils are far from that, some even going as far as adding food coloring to make the product look more legitimate. It’s like “stepping” on street drugs to simulate potency at the expense of the patient. This is the shit that has got to go. True CO2 extraction requires a pressurizer that goes down to -30,000 Bar, which would cost as much as most people’s car. If such extreme levels of barometric pressure can be reached, then CO2 oil is in-fact extremely pure, for the CO2 destroys everything that is not the essential oil, providing the cleanest dab around.

“Mr. R” and the folks at SEA use a secret combination of safe solvents (NOT ETHANOL) and super chilling called “winterizing” that results in their snowy, or glassy extraction. The cough is how you can tell the difference. The lower grade BHOs will leave a wet, mucus-y cough – an early indicator of lung lock. Winterized, clean BHO will have a dry cough, a good indicator of little to no residual fats or solvents.

Only the medical cannabis community would find a way to make pharmaceutical grade extractions in a simple residential garage. Imagine if these people could operate on-the-grid and establish industrial labs where their expertise could be applied to producing a higher volume of this much needed oil. But until that day you will be responsible for determining what’s tainted, and what is safe. Protecting yourself starts with asking the right questions.

– L.D.



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