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Coordinates: 55° 40′ 24.92″ N, 12° 35′ 58.96″ E

Located on 84 acres in the heart of metropolitan Copenhagen, this area is not part of Denmark or the European Union. Anarchist fundamentalists took the area in the 1971 and have legally defended its sovereignty since. It started as a “junk adventure yard” for kids.

Residents use 100% of their waste for renewable energy. Laws are posted in hand-written script, and citizens enforce them. Drugs are not prohibited and we found it more accommodating than Amsterdam, more affordable and cultural interesting too. Open marijuana retail takes place on “Pusher Street” and the quality is more than any traveller could expect. Hash is more abundant than fragrant flowers but you can stop by 24-hours a day and score. Police raids on the market stalls have increased according to the locals, but more than a million tourists visit every year so the Danish government is torn on what to do.



There are still plenty of mobile workman huts, architectural marvels on wheels that date back to the 1971 founding. Many have fallen into disrepair but still maintain a charm that PDA has not seen in our other travels during the year away from publishing. Several structures in Christiania are gorgeous functionally and aesthetically. They begged to be photographed.

These kinds of chances to observe alternative forms of community are a blessing beyond anything we can aptly describe. From its own currency called “Løn” to the outdoor smoking garden Café Nemoland, it’s a place that can’t last forever in our world of global capitalism, so we recommend booking travel before the “condo curse” steamrolls this tidbit of heaven like so many others.

City collage


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