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“I feel that as long as they are able to function in their daily lives and aren’t stifled by their habit that it’s no big deal. I think the problem resides in men, women and children who are not at a place in life where they can afford the habit responsibly and progress in life simultaneously. By using the word “afford” I mean literally and otherwise. Successfully managing family, personal, career goals and having the habit of smokin’ fat blunts, can coexist. If you’re overwhelmed, stressed or depressed, depending on what you’re specific set of challenges, tasks or responsibilities are, you may  need a downer or an upper strain to keep the boat afloat.”


Is it socially acceptable to smoke cannabis these days in your opinion?


“It’s socially acceptable to do what the hell you want to do so long as you aren’t harming another human being or breaking any of the laws of the land. We live in a place called America. The freedom is yours. If it works for you and your people, it’s not my right to judge or condemn you.”

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