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“I was at the Sneaker Pimps sneaker tour in NY 2010 and hanging out on-stage with Wale. I busted out a fat blunt the size of two sharpies and started blazing right there. Wale looked at the blunt and asked me “What’s in there fam? Is it weed and tabacco?” I look at him with a grin and told him “Naaaa.. its all weed. This is how we roll in Seattle.” When the blunt got around to Wale, he hit it and was lit! I think it was a blunt of G13.”

Do you think cannabis has medical value?

“I really do believe cannabis does have medical impacts for many different ailments. I’ve met a variety of patients that use it for various reasons. One thing I’ve learned is that every strain of weed has different effects for every condition that a patient might have. I feel that its about time the federal government recognizes it, not as a narcotic but as medicine.”

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