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Title: “Cee-Lo’s Been Green”
Caption: PDA gets exclusive with the Grammy Winning artist and star of NBC’s “The Voice” on evoking spirits and his preference for cannabis edibles

There is no mentioning “Goodie Mob” without Cee-Lo. Not just because he was obviously set apart while turning into a pop star, but because of the vital part he played, as the group’s glue. The kind of glue that stretched rather than coming unglued, after his venture towards a solo career.

“They have always been a part of me throughout my solo career,” Cee-Lo explains. “I discovered more of my self, but I didn’t orphan them.”

Another person Cee-Lo claims to have never come unglued from is his beloved mother. To everyone else Sheila J. Tyler-Callaway past away, two years after a devastating accident, yet to him she never died. Instead she lives on through a passing of energy and evoking of spirits, sharing his body.

“I think she’s definitely alive in all of the success and positive energy surrounding, you know, what’s become of me,” Cee-Lo comments. “I feel her inside of me, does that sound crazy? She crossed a spiritual threshold into me, and helped me cross that threshold into a career. I have her to thank.”

It was at a pinnacle point in Goodie Mob’s fame, when Cee-Lo recalls writing off marijuana for good. Well, smoking it at least.

“I’m now a lot more hip to marijuana, all of the different ways to take it and all that good stuff,” Cee-Lo shares. “I just won’t smoke it anymore, I was a bit traumatized [LAUGHTER]. The guys convinced me to smoke with them, to chill me out and I don’t know relax me, or something. I basically had an anxiety attack, it was ugly.”

However his personal experience has not affected his judgment on the use of marijuana by consenting adults.

“Who am I to tell someone they can’t partake in it? It’s pretty presumptuous for anyone to. Just because I don’ t like it doesn’t mean I get to ban it from someone who does, or needs it for medical issues,” Cee-Lo states candidly.

There is however, a green initiative he does partake in.

It’s called the “GreenHouse Foundation”. He founded an education program alongside his sister Shedonna Alexander and beginning with Atlanta, this organization will bring green principles and sustainable practices to inter-city youth including set curriculum, and building outdoor greenhouses for students to bring the lessons to life.

“We are empowering children and youth to love and protect the planet!” Cee-Lo declares.

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Cee-Lo Green Plays Word Vomit with PDA:

Futurama, Robot Chicken, Boondocks or American Dad?
A: Robot Chicken

Glitter, Spikes, Spandex or Latex?
A: All of the above baby, in crimson red.

Boxers or Briefs?
A: Commando

Prince makes me…
A: Want to dance in heel on a high surface.

Seattle local artists…
A: Have some promise. I loved that song ‘Waiting.’ Shaprece Renee uh-huh. I may have to come to the Emerald City more often.

A: Patience Dear Alice, wonderland will find you.

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