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Black Crown Car puts you in protective custody

If you aren’t in on the joke and expect a limo your gonna cry about it on Yelp. Black Crown Car Service is a fleet of blacked-out vans, no frills just on-time arrivals, 24-hours a day and cheaper prices than yellow cab. But people are always getting this Georgetown-based company mixed up.

“People get into town cars and think it’s us, the service rips them off so they think we did it,” says Corey from Black Crown. “Sometimes they get in the car and don’t know what’s up. They think we are driving our own cars. We are legitimate hooligans, but we aren’t trying to rip people.”

Self-described as “hellbent for service” with low rates and low waits, it’s kind of nice to build a relationship with this local provider. Then on New Year’s Eve at 3 a.m. you might actually be able to get someone to pick you up. Some just don’t get it though, a botched Living Social and Groupon experience made the internet unkind to this upstart. Really the folks just had the wrong expectations. Look closer at the sponsorship Black Crown had with Planned Parenthood for the PINK Carpet Project. These guys care, they are just unconventional.

They do stuff like post about the 1972 Dodge Sportsman nicknamed “The Melvan,” on Facebook. A relic from the Sound Sound band “The Melvins,” which was driven by and decorated via Sharpie, by none other than Kurt Cobain himself. The company has character, and what 4E likes best is they don’t judge passengers that are too intoxicated to drive themselves home. That’s kind of the point too isn’t it?

“Yes, if some is too stoned to do anything they should call us. Too stoned to get food? We will pick up the food and bring if to you,” Corey adds. “I don’t care what you do in the back seat, so long as you don’t throw up. You can fall asleep, I don’t give a fuck what you do back there so long as you don’t throw up.”




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