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Bill Maher is the most open member of the traditional media about his enjoyment of cannabis consumption. He backs the propositions, gives a platform to the issues, clowns the democrats and even the President for not seizing this issue as their own. Comedians have a license to confront controversy that most people in power don’t. For fear of PR gaffes and negative blowback, mums the word for everyone from athletes to corporate executives.

Here is what happens when honesty on this topic roams free…

MAHER: Right. Because it’s been proven, the facts are in, that abstinence alone does not stop teen pregnancy. You have to have the condoms available, too. But that’s where they read science so selectively. Global warming, we’re not sure. You know, that’s a myth, that needs more science.

But the missile shield, that one we know, which never had worked, that one we know we can go forward on. Marijuana, another thing that they’ve done tests on, you know, every administration does the test. It always comes back the same thing. It makes you eat cookie dough. OK, that one needs more testing. We can’t go ahead on legalization there because, as you know, we fight terrorism by fighting drugs, Larry. You heard that in the State of the Union speech and in the commercials on the Super Bowl.

KING: You didn’t buy that, huh?

MAHER: I think that is such a cynical effort to piggyback their former agenda onto the fears of 9/11. That to me is really a low blow. Yes, because first of all, it is not all drugs. I don’t thing the people who are smoking a joint to relieve their bone cancer pain are really the people we want to be targeting on the war on terror. It is mostly heroin. But if the theory is that terrorists get some of their money from drugs, well, let’s go to where they get their real money from, oil. They get a lot more money from oil and diamonds than they do from drugs.

KING: A comic last night, it may have been Drew Carey at the Love Rocks Concert, said, if that’s the case, then why don’t you legalize it? And we won’t go to Paris anymore.

MAHER: Oh, God. We could probably solve a lot of problems if we had that kind of money just from Woody Harrelson’s house.


KING: Do you agree that if cigarettes had never been heard of and were proposed to be legalized, they wouldn’t have a prayer?

MAHER: Right. Well, cigarettes kill how many people?

KING: They think 400,000.

MAHER: 400,000. What about alcohol? That kills about 150,000, 200,000.

KING: Easy.

MAHER: Those are legal. But marijuana has so far killed none that I’ve ever known. So I keep saying if we want to legalize marijuana, we have got to start having people drop dead from it.


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