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Big Marios

If you have eaten at Via Trib you likely know the extensive certification required to make “Official Neapolitan” pizza. It’s like getting a p.hd. So when Mario Vellotti came to America in 1964 he was classically trained in this culinary art form. He settled on Mulberry Street, when Little Italy meant something. He cooked around Manhattan for years before opening spots in all five boroughs with his brother and uncle. We’re talkin’ 50 years of pizza in the most pizza-saturated markets known to humanity, and then he brought that to Seattle. And Big Mario’s is that.

The ample slices and late hours, plus a pick-up window with even later hours, makes lines-a-plenty on weekends. 178 reviews on Yelp and four stars in the bag means even the lunch crowd likes what’s bubblin’ in the oven.
But the real magic is in the bar and restaurant. There is 70s romper-room style wood panelling. A soda vending machine that only takes tokens. eFrutti gummy pizzas for desert and reasonably priced 40 oz. beers for those destined to go hard. Throw in the pull-tabs and spirits with generous pours, plus some Three-6-Mafia on the PA system, and you have a hangout that never winds down. Weeknight? Late Night? You’ll never walk alone if you’re walking into Big Mario’s.

1009 E Pike St.
Seattle, WA 98102
(206) 922-3875

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