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There is something about a hidden entrance, and while the signs point to where the video store used to be, “The Backdoor” still feels like a find. Roxy’s Deli is on Fremont’s main drag and after 5 you can slip in the back for unbelievable small plates. Order a lot of little things and don’t worry about medicated overindulgence, most of it is pretty affordable and it re-heats well the next day.

Calling itself a “speakeasy” and referring to its online menu as “food porn” reveal the sense of humor in the establishment. There are quaint community events like open-mic nights on Mondays at 9 pm. 4E isn’t the only group of empty stomachs that can’t shut up about this spot, Yelp users give it 4.5 stars. We recommend starting with the Kale Chips (fried vegetables are oh-so American) and the Turkish Carrots which come with this citrus yogurt and mint dipping concoction that always requires ordering extra sauce. It’s that good.

It just wouldn’t be right if you didn’t order some Jalapeno “Propers” for the table. The Backdoor staff calls it “A popper’s hot older sister” and it’s a corn cake with a garnish of sweet pepper/jalapeno bacon cheese spread. They toast them to perfection and even the guests on a diet can’t resist. It’s worth an extra ten minutes on the elliptical the next day.

For your entrée there is really one choice that must be tried. Airline Chicken. Huh? Backdoor flipped the worst kind of food to a high-end dish, another humorous selection from a fun-loving kitchen. They take a chicken breast, stuff it with swiss and cream cheese, wrap it in pastrami and top it with an orange honey glaze. The entree also comes with their blackened broccoli another heavy-hitter that tastes too good to be a vegetable.

462 N. 36th St
Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 632-7322

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