Currently Reading: Ginsberg’s Whistle Blowing on the Marijuana Hoax

The critically lambasted long format essay that appeared in the Atlantic Monthly in 1966 was a ballsy move.

Allen Ginsberg was a beat poet that was a staple in the counter-culture revolutions of America’s anti-establishment decades. He frequently toked with Bob Dylan and photo bombed his “Subterranean Homesick Blues” music video in 1965 as a loitering vagrant in an alley. Prior to that he went on prime time national television with author Norman Mailer in 1961 and declared “pot is fun.”

“The actual experience of the smoked herb has been completely clouded by a fog of dirty language by the diminishing crowd of fakers who have not had the experience and yet insist on being centers of propaganda about the experience,” Ginsberg wrote ages ago.

The cost of an ounce ain’t what it used to be, but Ginsberg’s critique is as true today as it has ever been. Especially as capital becomes the currency and the loudest voices on cannabis culture will inevitably be the ones toting the deepest pockets.

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