Currently Reading: Alison Holcomb

Drug Policy Expert

Notable Projects: I-502 Campaign Manager and Co-Author of the bill
“It really seems to me that the last few years have seen a tremendous change and evolution in the conversation. Some of that is thanks to Richard Lee and Prop 19. As much as people in the drug reform world were nervous about Prop 19, it’s undisputed that it was a positive movement forward. And then when you have the President and former President of Mexico saying that US drug policy needs to change and they were interested in Prop 19, it seems like conversation shifted from whether or not you were a stoner to whether or not you thought our marijuana laws were productive. That’s always been the challenge, getting people to think about marijuana differently. It’s now about getting to point where the conversation is not about everyone smoking marijuana, but about failed drug laws”.

Was there a tipping point somewhere in our culture that made this possible?
“I don’t know. If you just look at opinion research you see the same themes and concerns come up as before [use by youths, stoned driving, etc.], but support for marijuana reform continues to increase, more than in the previous three decades. You can regulate access to this substance and they look like other businesses and pay taxes and that kind of took some of the fear away.”

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